It Started out With a Dream to Make a Difference

..An urge to spend my days doing something that really matters. Something that gave me meaning and something that made the world a little better. 

How it all began

The past 13 years I have been working in fashion – with styling, buying and production. All things beautiful makes my heart beat a little extra. When it comes to clothing and style, but also, when it comes to nature. I’ve always fallen in love with forests, beautiful beaches and the ocean.

With a love for clothes and passion for sustainability I’ve always been searching for clothing brands that are truly sustainable. That share the same values and beliefs as I. Brands that care for real, not just because sustainability happens to be trendy in the world of marketing.

I believe everything that is produced should be so respecting the earth and the people that made it. Sustainable, ethical and fair all the way through. When I couldn't find any brands that was both truly sustainable and offered that effortless feminine style that I love an idea was born.

Realness was born out of the longing for a truly sustainable brand. Sustainability, and to care for all people we work with, will always be the heart of everything we do. 

Deeper than just beautiful clothes

Over the years the attention to the climate crisis has grown stronger and with that my passion and interest for sustainability. When I had my first son I felt an even bigger desire to do something that made his future a little bit better and spend my days doing something that had a bigger purpose.

With my years of experience from having worked in the fashion industry I realised I do have the knowledge to make a difference here. A real difference by making clothes in a better and more sustainable way. I decided to start Realness and make clothes for other women like me. For women who love clothes and that effortless feminine style but refuses to compromise their values of caring for people, and the planet.

So here we are. And I am so glad you are here, too. The fact that you have found your way here shows that you care. That we are a whole bunch of women now with a desire to wear truly ethical and sustainable clothes.

Thank you so much to all of you joining me in making a difference, it wouldnt be possible without your support.

Lots of Love, Christine Svanberg

Founder & CEO