Giving back


As a business with sustainability as our core value we want to do everything possible to minimize climate change on our planet. That’s why we with every product sold funds forest restoration equivalent to one tree through The perfect world foundation. The initiative saves rainforests, supports work and food for local population and help us fight climate change by reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.

80% of our original forests are destroyed up until today and restoring them is together with new carbon capture technology essential to reduce the amount of carbon already in the atmosphere. The project called Attenborough forest support the planting of different kind of trees around the world, for example fruit trees, mangrove, and trees in rainforest, to achieve healthy forests and soil. 

About The perfect world foundation

The Perfect World Foundation is a non-profit organization working with wildlife and nature in crisis around the world. By increasing knowledge and spreading awareness their aim is to create courage and preconditions for change, one step at a time. Their clear mission is to save the world.

In 2020, The Perfect World Foundation only allocated 3% of its income for administrative costs, which is one of the lowest numbers of all non-profit organizations in Sweden, which in turn means that 97% of the income was used for The Perfect World Foundation core work.